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Now Hosting...The Inner Life

Weekdays 11 AM CST - Find your station and listen here!

...with a rotating panel of highly experienced Catholic priests whose full-time ministry is the guidance of souls through spiritual direction. They have encountered the endless variety and complexity of questions that arise in the concrete circumstances of the human pursuit of the divine. They encourage listeners to become well-informed by using additional resources and helpful materials for spiritual guidance.

God has an individual plan for each of our lives. How do you develop a personal relationship with God and discern how His Holy Spirit is leading you in your life? Through spiritual direction!

There is a deep and widespread trend of spiritually starved Catholics searching for reliable spiritual direction. The Inner Life serves listeners as a spiritual compass and as a teaching tool to learn about spiritual growth.

Call-in to the show at: 1-877-766-3777

VA Satellite Feed

Also Hosting...HIM Monthly

A monthly Health Information Management Satellite Feed transmitted live to VA facilities across North America.