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Video Production

My career in video production began in broadcast television, where I spent 15 years as a news reporter before starting Neff Productions, later renamed to The Salt River Production Group.

Story telling is at the heart of our work.

 At the Salt River Production Group, if we do our work well, then the stories we are privileged to share will touch our viewers on a deep and sometimes very personal level. We coined the phrase a good number of years ago that the programs we produce often have a real power to “emotionally invest” our viewers in what they are witnessing. When that happens, then these stories will not only inspire and motivate our viewers, but they will also (and perhaps most importantly) provide hope to a world desperately mired in a sea of hopelessness.

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Programs That Emotionally Invest

Over the years, Salt River has produced hundreds of programs, including commercials, PSAs, fundraising and marketing videos, as well as short and feature-length documentaries. Many of our programs have won regional and national awards. We now make our programs available on DVDs that can be obtained through our online store

Salt River continues to produce programs that emotionally invest viewers. You can follow the updates on the projects in the News section or simply subscribe to our RSS feed and newsletter to be notified when new productions, radio programs and speaking engagements become available.

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Our programs have won 15 local and regional Emmys, 3 Gabriel Awards for excellence in religious programming and numerous other regional and national awards.

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